Deborah Portnoy

Deborah’s professional work related to autism began in 1993 with Independent Living Skills (ILS) for young adults. She also runs social skills groups, camps, workshops, and theatrical productions throughout Los Angeles. Mike has worked for Easter Seals of Southern California for 15 years and is looking forward to owning a business that truly fills a growing need. The fact that he’ll get to play everyday is an extra bonus! Being a drummer, he is excited about exposing kids and teens to instruments and the potential doors that music can open.

Deborah feels blessed to have met the owner and CEO/ founder Dina Weiss Kimmel through her longtime friendship with Harry and Rachel’s paternal grandmother. The kids spent the first 5 years of their lives in the hand-selected clothes from Dina’s prior business, Lucky You.

“We indeed feel lucky and grateful for a lifetime of love and support from our parents who understand that it really does take a village. We are thrilled to be opening a new We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Glendale, our local community. Come in and meet our family, and become a part of a much larger one inspired by Dina’s vision to create “Finally a Place Where You Never Have to Say I’m Sorry”.”