A Kids Gym In Glendale – It’s Never too Late for Learning While Having Fun

So here is my first BLOG ever! I love to write but am intimidated by my own typos. I have dyslexia. Not to make excuses but to let you know I share some of the same struggles as those we serve in our Sensory Gym. So please excuse yna mipsellinsg (any misspellings), because sometimes my eye won’t catch the error that is so obvious to everyone else. When I can hire a personal editor, I will be all set. My first grade teacher actually said something like that to my parents when I was struggling to learn to read. She said it wouldn’t much matter because I was going to one-day run the country and would have a secretary. Looking back on that experience I think wow, that teacher was awesome! She really made me feel good about how I was different at a time when all I wanted was to fit in. I eventually did learn to read, in 3rd grade, but I truly believe it is never too late to learn.

It’s coming up on two years since opening We Rock the Spectrum Glendale. I am having so much fun and I cannot believe the amount of learning that has been happening. Firstly I’m learning how to run a business. I’m trying to understand all about social media and marketing and I’ve learned I’m not nearly as technologically proficient as my teenage daughter. I’m learning how to combine a husband as a business’ partner, and how to be part of a larger family in our WRTS Franchise nation wide! I’m learning how to juggle parenting teens and working, always aware of how they are growing physically, socially, emotionally as well as academically. My daughter learned to drive and my son who has autism learned how to communicate via typing and now can share his thoughts and feelings after 12 years of being trapped in a body that does not cooperate. I have had so much fun with our regular after school kids, It has been incredibly rewarding learning to work with a boy who first came into the gym at 3 years old not talking or playing, and who now at 5 converses, interacts creatively and plays socially. I have welcomed new children being born to customers whose bellies grew right before my eyes in this gym, and I’ve watched kids learn to crawl and walk while swinging and jumping and playing at We Rock.

To say there have been many gifts of learning since opening this Kid’s gym is an understatement so I will use these BLOGS to detail and celebrate it all. I feel grateful having worked within the systems of special education and Regional Centers serving disabled kids and adults for over 20 years, so that I can now share what resources I have with others and point them in a direction of help and hope. We do ROCK the Spectrum in here Glendale so come play and learn with us daily!

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