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We Rock for ALL kids

As soon as anybody walks into a We Rock The Spectrum Gym, they quickly find out We Rock is something quite different. It isn’t just another indoor play space, it isn’t quite a gym in the traditional sense, and it also isn’t an Occupational Therapy facility for kids with autism. What we are, is a one of a kind sensory gym developed and designed to be a gym for ALL kids. Our We Rock Gym in Glendale CA  is a cool hang out for kids, teens and parents like us too as we play rockin’ roll music all day long. Nowhere else can you fiddle around on musical instruments, bang a full drum kit to your hearts content, literally climb and draw on the walls, or swing and zip line across the room.


You can bring in and eat you own food, but we have healthy snacks available for purchase as well. We have cool arts and crafts supplies included with Open Play and during our Rockin’ Summer Camps  we do special projects, games and activities. Most of our equipment holds adult weight so parents and kids can work out side by side on our treadmills, exercise bikes or rowing machines. In addition to all the really fun things to do at We Rock, all our gyms have been specifically designed to help with Sensory Integration .


Since opening our doors we have been listening to our customers about what they feel is needed in our Glendale community. Culturally we are extremely diverse, as our location serves families in Burbank, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Atwater village, Eagle Rock, Montrose, La Cresenta and beyond. We love learning about different customs when we host birthday parties (link) or special private events in our gym.


When we first opened, it was important to us that we had a family feel where there was a little something for everyone regardless of age. Our feedback has been affirming that we have accomplished just that. Although the word Spectrum is in the name of our business, many who find their way to our Glendale location do not realize that word is referring to the autism spectrum. When they begin to figure that out, their kids are happily playing and perhaps learning a little bit about acceptance of individual differences. We love the name WE ROCK THE SPECTRUM because we feel it’s important to empower ALL kids. Those on the spectrum may need various therapies along the way to become successful but none of us should ever lose sight of how awesome these kids can be. They all have talents and abilities that should be celebrated as they grow so that they can build confidence and self esteem to make their way in this world. ALL kids need this, siblings of kids on the spectrum especially need a place where they can play and hang with their family without feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable or excluded from any fun.

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long kids have been playing in the gym, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours!!! When its time to leave they never want to go. Something we hear everyday is, “One more zip line PLEASE, one last time… “